Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blowout and such

Well this weekend was a mix of emotions.... Thursday night - Hammy Blowout - drinks, flashy buttons, Ohio sucks chants...need I say more? hehe of my gf's from work left. We had a going away party, and of course at the end of the night we cried. We became close, and now I lose that :( That's going to be rough.... But on a happy note - I hope to be moving on soon :)

Saturday, spent time with my love, then more blowout. Let me tell you, next time we're at Whiskey when Augs is tending bar, he promised to let me put a comment up on the board!! Woo woo! I'll keep the comment a surprise for when you are there with, or when I take a pic :) He still can't figure out how to put my music up on that darned jukebox - i'll have to go around it i guess.

Today, I spent time at home chillin, celebratin gramm's 3/4 of a century bday!!! She's so cute, I love her :)

Keep your fingers crossed for me this week, as the decision is to be made. I hope I have some good news to share :)

Finally......Joyce and I were discussing big 3-0 birthday plans for our boys. Hers is all set, i'm trying to finalize Jeffs stuff. I was thinking whirlyball, but that can get expensive. What say you all to Laser Tag? (Thanks for the suggestion wifey :) ) Jeff's birthday is April 14, but we'd have to do it that weekend afterwards. that would make it the weekend of 18th, 19th? Lemme know if that works for you guys.... I'll call the place tomorrow.

Much love homies!

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Anonymous said...

Hey now their not the only one's turning 30 do you think I can get their but in whirlyball? lol Our milestone bdays are coming up fast yikes!!!