Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dunes Edge and a new opportunity....

So we went up north Saturday and had some fun, my weekend was ulitmately cut short because of a decision I had on my hands; I had to be at work by Monday to deliver a decision I had rendered over the weekend. I have decided to take on another challenge, a new opportunity at a new job. I think it will be a good move for me, we'll see. I shall keep you all posted as things become more official, right now I have only accepted a job. The weekend up north was, as usual, full of fun and laughs, and food, and booze. Good times! Next time I will definitely stay more than 24 hours haha.
As for a recap, I have included a couple of pics on my flickr page so you can check em out. I'm not sure how to post my link, but go to konrad's blog, scroll to his flickr icon, and i'm one of his friends, so you can get to them from there. :) Once they completely finish loading, I will try to figure out how to link.

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kmaz said...

Well congratulations, its awesome I learn more things about you on your blog. And here is the link to Kasias photo set to save you the trouble of going through my blog: Dune's Edge