Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I would change that corny presidential music too, perhaps do a ditty WWE style...

I think i'm going to throw my name into the political arena. I mean if Mitt, Hillary, Obama, and McCain can do it....Hell I can do it too. My name is just as odd and it would be fun to hear people pronounce (or mis-pronounce) it.
I think its about time that people jumped on the Blue wagon. With Joyce's help, and spreading of our Blue message again in Royal Oak, we can definitely spur up some support. One of my first decisions as president would be (Doesn't that sound superific - Pres. Kasia? - rolls off the tongue like butta) to make everyday humpday! How fun would that be - and it would be a requirement to leave work early and enjoy the hump. (Do the lyrics "do the humpty hump" resound as I speak - well they do in my mind) And that would be the muzak playing in the background in all elevators everywhere. (well for the morning anyway) If you have any other great ideas to think about for me, lemme know, drop me a line! I'd love to chat with you, pose for cheesy photo-ops, hug little babies, maybe a lil rally here and there???

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Joyce and Mike said...

Yay....VOTE BLUE :) We will change the world.