Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome into my life ---- buckle up now kids, and grab a fifth it may be a while.....

Well, I have finally stepped into the new millenium. If only I could part from my cd player, and embrace those aeiou pods..... gimme some time folks. (By the way, why I pod? were all other vowels taken? What about consonants????)
I've entered this new world of blogging, yes scary, but captivating as well. Please take pity on my virgin-ness to this, it will take some time for me to really acquiant myself with this crazy thing. I hope to mesmorize you all with my unique perspective on life, perhaps if you're lucky venture into knowing a little bit of ..... the real me (insert twilight zone music here)

1 comment:

Joyce and Mike said...

There a couple of things wrong with your blog. 1. polish genius? yeah right, thats like saying the pope is jewish, who would believe that....wait he might be? 2. and a virgin? lol right!!!!
love you mike and joyce