Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Jumpin Jehosophats Robin - time's a flyin by!

I can't believe its already Nov. 7th!!!
It's only 2(ish) weeks til Thanksgiving and 6 weeks or so til Christmas - crazy - and then - a New Year!!!!! Can you believe it???? I can not - what the hell - seriously - we gotta slow this down. I'm already 25 and I can't remember the last couple years, it's a blur, I was just in HS! Hell in the ancient world, I would be a goner - washed up, 300 years old, barren, unwanted, tossed away, dried up - you know - you get it - urghh save me from my thoughts :(
My point is, I don't really have a point. Wait, I think I did.... time is moving by way too quick. I see all these kids growing up, not realizing, i'm not getting younger myself. Maybe one day i'll be married to J-oyce (oops freudian slip) married like J-oyce hehe :)
Wouldn't it be fun if we got to a point in our lives, and then poof - we start going backwards? I mean I wouldn't wanna go all the way back, but it might be fun. Celebrating things backwards, for example receptions first then weddings, then the prep. Hmmm..... Perhaps if I calibrate a way into another dimension.....
Anywhoo... in the meantime....I get to look forward to thanksgiving and crazy shopping the day afterward :) Yay - i'm already studying my deals and the places where I could get the most bang for my buck. I'm one of those crazies and yes I like it :)
Then another wedding, then Christmas. Before Christmas, another party..... hang on to more details. Tryin to finalize a day when the hall is available, and going from there. Hold on tight til invites go out :)


Anonymous said...

I agree time is flying! If you saw my latest post, Im trying to start that xmas shopping early. Ever need a shopping buddy im off Sun & Mondays :)

Chris & Eva said...

Chris and I will be in Detroit for Thanksgiving. Let's try to go out, or go shopping, whichever! Evans said we could stay at his place--party! call me darnit!

Susanne said...

Yes, time is flying! I do not want to Xmas shop yet!! NO No No!!