Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ohhh another Whiskey Night....

Ok so it's been a while....
But it's time for another story. Yay!!!
So it was Pam's first time to the good ole Whiskey - no longer a virgin WooWoo! We helped Auggie celebrate his 1 year anniversary - Congrats Auggie - keep those shots a flowin! I hope she had fun - I know I did :)
She was able to enjoy our local fine staples which included Main Street, Cafe 1923, and last but not least:

Hey Mikey - she likes it!!! :)

We had some drinks, some poured by:

and others poured by some sexy new bartendress in training haha

We shared some laughs, got some shirts and some tramp/nip stamps (that were applied with beer and not water as directions said - screw directions!), drank beers and mysterious ecto-cooleresque shots, and listened to live music. It was a good night :)
We tried taking a group photo...but as the night went on and the drinks kept coming...we missed a few peeps as seen:

As usual there were appearances of

Twas a good night - the night before turkey day. We welcome you all to future outings, and if you don't come...well... you'll just have to deal with the wrath of
Happy Turkey Day to all - and happy bargain hunting tomorrow!!!!


Anonymous said...

You guys looked like you had a blast, by the looks of everyone faces at the end :) Sorry I couldn't be there :( Definetly see you at the holiday party!

Eric said...

I'm soooo glad that my cum face (last picture) made it up on the your blog!!!!

Susanne said...

lol. It was a lot of fun ;)