Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So this is Christmas.....

So Christmas came and went. All the hustle, bustle, holiday shopping, crazy parking lot drivers, all drawing to a close. Whew....another year survived! And now....a new year - seriously, crazy. Ah use in complaining. I hope everyone had a fantabulous holiday season, and will join us for a New Year's get together. I am working out the meal plan as we speak (meatballs, some sort of chicken, salads, snacks, etc oh yea and the booze) Nothin new in my neck o the woods, hence the lack of posting - sorry y'all maybe i'll come up with something more creative soon. I've been in one of those states lately, you know kinda like Utah - not much goin on. I don't know where my camera is either, so I can't find any pics to post... which sux. But, I soon hope to find it before NYE. You know how we all like to get our drink on!
Perhaps i'll come to soon enough - I mean I have a couple days before '08 begins.
If there are any suggestions on what you'd like to snack on, lemme know before I begin my Martha Stewarting.
Later Gators!

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