Thursday, June 12, 2008

I shall call that chapter "Why I almost resorted to pot..."

Haha I didn't (and for those that know me - I wouldn't cuz pot always gives me a headache), but hey sometimes you need somethin to mellow you out.

I finished my career at Team Detroit yesterday. It was sad, yes, because i've made some lasting relationships, but happy because I get to further my career elsewhere. And that somewhere else actually shows promise in terms of a career path, and assistance to get you where you want to go - crazy huh?

So Monday I start my new position, bright and early! Yay, for the 30 minute trek to work! My gut tells me this is a good thing, my mind tells me that I need to look for a house closer haha

Right now i'm just over joyed, talk to me after a couple weeks to see if i'm still in a good mood :)

Other than that, i've got 4 days to just relax and enjoy the weather. Perhaps i'll make another trip to see Petosky the Giraffe.

Has anyone else ever connected those two dots? I mean honestly, giraffes look like giant petosky stones! Perhaps giraffe's are native to Upper Lower Peninsula - I think Michael should write a paper on that :)

Much love guys ~ i'll see ya this weekend!!

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Susanne said...

Congrats on your new job again! Enjoy your next few days!