Saturday, June 28, 2008

How I got a 4.0

It was 90% right brain thinking, and 10% pure luck haha! As a follow up to a conversation I had the other day, I post this video - it has nothing to do with what I talked about, but it's funny none-the-less.

And remember.... I didn't ask to be stung!!!


kmaz said...

After living with you for so long, I too wondered how you did it. But alas, if you could read it you would, but in all actuality it was your damn stubborness/competitiveness to try to be better than your friends which lead you to be the bookworm.

Tophiferous said...

Competitive, I am. However, in high school it was pure determination, motivation, and the need for a scholarship :) Haha, in college, I just really liked the classes I took, so it was easier to excel at something one is good at. And my Type A personality has something to do with it, and also the fact that I had to have an A - it just looked best on report cards/online reports. Except for that damn Int'l Finance class urghh Never will I succumb to that madness again haha