Saturday, July 5, 2008

Funk n Fireworks

So I haven't been in the greatest of moods lately...sorry. It's just there's alot of stuff i've been dealin with lately, and I just am emotionally drained. I really need to get away, if not on a vacay then from reality....and both won't happen. haha
I'm not sure how much longer that'll last, God I hope not very long, but i'll try to get back to me. Meanwhile, i'm listening to depressing songs (my fave Jimmy eat world songs) and love songs, and whatever I happen to rotate in the cd player. (Yes, you read that correctly, I still own a cd player, no Ipod here y'all)

So yesterday, was the big bbq/fireworks grill at the Clawson residence of my two favorite Hung-Flips! I came in with a funky mood (hence the title of the post haha) but towards the end of the night, I got to laugh, which I needed- thank you! In honor of the night, I shall post a short picture story. Try to follow along haha.....

"Welcome to the Pupptrans....this continues for a few more rounds..."

"Ok seriously guys - stop making gross shots (which didn't happen we had a few more..."

"Old people are soo weird when they drink..."
So we chill and talk and get shocked by Jay's game - which is not fun at all! As the night progresses, it becomes much more animated haha. We finally get up and start walkin down to 14 mile...oh the fun begins haha
Jen falls and goes boom, Mike and his "magic fingers", then we find a spot to sit... Continuing....

"Pssstttt.....I think things will get even more funny"

In her best William Shattner "I will you my (long pause) booooobies"

"OMG this stuff just can't be scripted.... we're dyin and Kasia can't breathe...."

"Joyce when are we going to see peeeeeeeeeenuuuuuuuuuuus"

"Next year, I think we'll just stay at our home and relax (haha a penny for the parentals thoughts"

"Now do you understand why we don't go to whiskey often??? "
As the fireworks ended we strolled back to the Pupptrans, lost a flip flop and almost a Jen hehe, but made it safe :) Then for a game and off to bed.
Oh what a 4th!! hehe

"Y'all come back now ya hear???" (Or maybe not....oh the 26th will be here too soon haha"
PS - we all must bring cameras :)


Joyce and Mike said...

I got too close to your thoughts, hence the face!!!!

Eric said...

Man, I missed all the good drunken fun!