Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh what a weekend....

So yes, now I have officially joined the drunk dancers club. There is official video (thank you Mike) of me dancing to the Apache song. haha can't we find another dance to drunk dance to - perhaps the tootsie roll, or a hustle? lol
Recap of Saturday night, Get to the wifey's to help a lil earlier, J-oyce had everything under control!
Then I got dressed in my hula outfit Yes it was a complete get up with skirt, floral bikini top, leis, the whole kit and kaboodle. Then I began to drink. Screw the food, I wanted drinks haha
Needless to say I think I was good and buzzed by oh 6:30 or 7pm (meanwhile party started at 5)
Food - phenomenal, Tropical drinks galore (oh u betcha I still have some mix....and i'm drinkin one now haha)
As the night went on, I remember my hat getting sooo heavy, I had to take it off ( I think I took it off haha)
We learned some happy news (yay!!!!!) and we can't wait for more crazy fun in the future!
We ended the night with a rousing game of Cranium - it really is more fun when you're drinking I think!
Then by midnight, when my high was simmerin down, I had to drive home. O yea, in my hawaiian get up. And I forgot my gas tank was less than 1/8 full. Sooo, I pull my drinkin self into a gas station, and low and behold, a cop at the same station. So I kept my cool, got out of my car in my outfit (floral bracelets and anklets and all) and start tankin up, praying that he won't come over to me and see whats goin on. haha The stupid pump took forever....pump, pump STOP pump pump pump STOP - damn the old pumps....etc.!! haha I got back in my car and hightailed it outta Clawson for the night, phew just a weird look :)

Look for the pics on myspace, they'll be up there before I put em on flickr.


Eric said...

That's funny. I would have loved to see you pumping gas in that outfit. Hilarious!

Joyce and Mike said...

well I forgot to ask, was the cop cute? look on the bright side if he had to frisk you, both parties win!!!