Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So i'm posting again, Eric, Shortie get back on the Wagon....

So me, Mrs. I don't post very often, apparently has alot to say (and I didn't promise this one post a day thing haha)
I've even tried being a bit more on the creative side, and playin with photoshop, something I haven't done in a while. It's kind of relaxing, in a drive you crazy cuz you can't get something the way you want it, kind of way.
Anyway....I write to cheer some of my folk up :)
Here are some things I've learned.....
Remember, when the world is smiling at usually means you've got somethin on your face :)
If it looks like a chicken, smells like a chicken, clucks like a chicken....Mike won't eat it because it has bones!
I don't have wings or a sac...therefore, i'm not a wingMAN (that one's for you Shortie :) )
Screw Hooked on a "My Word", you'll pick up spelling in no time!
Apparently, Amicci's can make you not fit into your favorite work suit! (Butt the diskounte at the Whiskee is fantasstick - chek it outt!)
I can be real fun after a bottle of wine - or make some crazy call it ;)
You can pass out free one day gym trial passes ripped out of free mags in those Royal Oak bins, and get people to "Vote Blue!" - amazing - must go again during election time....haha
I can't speak German when ordering ice cream at Coldstone Creamery - they just don't understand....
I can't play my happy song on the jukebox, or i'll be put on the board :( (sad, sad, sad)
If you need to sell a house, have me walk through it, it'll be sold in no time :(
And for tonight.... last one...
Love sometimes stinkx, but things always end up how they're supposed to - rainbows do follow the rain - remember?
To cheer you up, listen to my song here, since I can't play it YOU KNOW WHERE anymore, because of YOU KNOW WHO haha

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Young Grasshopper said...

It's a good thing Joyce doesn't look like a chicken.

...By the way, this is Jennifer.