Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hey Booboo.....how bout we grab a picanic basket....

Ok, so I must vent. Yesterday, while at our little watering hole, I met some new people. Setting up the situation: 2 guys (friends), in their at least late 30's, at the bar drinkin. So Guy 1 - visibly the more friendly of the 2, asks what kind of game we're playing. We were playing a number, and at that time, I believe it was a-hole. Guy 2 pipes in and said - you look intelligent... (Well I am smarter than the average bear) (I knew something else was going to spew out of his mouth shortly at this point) why would you play a game like that? Umm ok, just because i'm intelligent doesn't mean I can't play card games - or does it? What's wrong with a-hole, I thought to myself?? So I asked him, what's that got to do with the price of tea in China? Turns out dude is a little bitter about a relationship - suck it up my man - it happens, move on! Then we talk about what we do, and once again Guy 1 - normal - i'm a such and such at the DIA. I said cool, i'm an analyst for a big co. Guy 2 then says, well I'm better than you (or something to that effect - at this point I was getting ticked with him) I'm like oh yea? What do you do? Please tell me, i'm ALL ears....(noting sarcasm) He said something, and I responded with oh well that's great, because my job doesn't define who I am - i'm also a writer, poet, and am getting into an online business start-up. Put that in your pipe n smoke it Troll! So then.... (please make it stop) he perks up because I mention I write (oh but just a bit - think of the guy that used to do the Dry Eyes commercial - yea that would be him but in a 5'0" body) He's in a band and blah blah what do I write? Finally...... my savior bartender comes to the rescue after putting ice down my pants(Ummm like 3 minutes too late) haha
Soooo.... a little hint to the bitter - I know it hurts, trust me I know, but seriously don't make yourself look like a big jerk to others. You never know who're you're going to meet, and subsequently turn off. Better luck next time!

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kmaz said...

Wow, I thought you said this stuff was blocked at work.

Secondly, I thought you were bitter about what I said, turns out you probably were but didn't post it.