Monday, November 17, 2008

Eric's Dirty 30 (in photo story format of course)

So it's been a while since I last posted, and figured it was time for another story...or 2 :) haha

"Soooooo....I guess we're all here to celebrate Eric's 30th huh...."

"Ohh they're all here to see me...Yay...It's My Bday!!!"

"I'm going to remember this night for.....who am I kidding...i'll be drunk later...I hope to remember it as it's happening"
"Vroom, Vroom beetches...its my birfday...let's kick into overdrive!"

"Yea...Please me...that's the name of the game....Or is it...Eric's been drinking, he's buzzing, and he's holding a sippy cup ;)"

"At least Eric wasn't the only one enjoying himself that night haha"

"Mmmm I love it when you play rough....but watch out, I've got a sensitive neck you're gonna have to rub it out later haha"

"Pick me up....Weeeeeeee!!!....what a way to end the night! Now carry me Home!!! lol"
Haha I know it's late but hope you had a good night Eric and I think we're done with the 30's now...for a while!
Til next time!!!


Eric said...

OK, I seriously don't remember that last picture. Did I black out for a bit? Did Adam do anything else that I don't remember....

Susanne said...

Ok, Eric you were pretty drunk...

Thanks Kasia for taking pics and posting them, I can't believe I forgot the camera! What a fun night.

Anonymous said...

Great photo story yet again :) Nope just Adam eating off your neck, night was just as crazy as you remember! Cheers to teh 30 year olds!

kmaz said...

Although you and Adam did disappear for a while, so what else don't you remember Eric?