Monday, November 17, 2008

Twas all Hallow's Eve...

And the loons got together, and put on their best in spite of the weather (which wasn't all that cold mind you)
No witches or goblins, or pimps n ho's, just a bunch of buzzed people stayin away from windows (avoiding eye contact!)
Geishas and flappers, and kittys and ladies, even Elvis and Marilyn showed up.. woo woo my babies!
Drinkin and laughin and singin not whinin...Elvis even went next door trick or treating for moon-shinen (sorry had to make it rhyme :)
We had drinks and fun all in the mix, that's how we roll celebratin Kash's 2-6 :)

"I guess the party's over, the end, move on....Joyce's mind races with thoughts to get her party on (during Xmas of course :) )

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kmaz said...

Don't forget about Thanksgiving Eve!