Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time Limits suck, so do those enforcing em ;)

Soooo.... it snowed here Friday....snowed lots 8-10". What better to do on a snowy night than to go to the bar, right? Well we walked, since it was like a half mile away. Urghhh holy cold Batman! Then we donated food. Mind you, we walked, and carried a bag of 12 cans, which broke on the way. Anywhoo.....then we get to the bar.
We start drinkin...then shot...then shot....then drink....then shot.....then WHAMMY - no shots for you for 1/2 hour!!!!
WTF - first a jukebox Nazi, then the shot police? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Not cool man, not cool at all.
Then we're chatting, and waiting a 1/2 hour at a time for more shots, we were finding them on the phone and asking for them...somethin new for a change. Not all bad....
So finally we get to the end...and we've never seen a bill that high - EVER!!! Bring back Windex man haha :)
I learned my lesson....a) buy cheap drinks, b) play crappy music (at least I don't get charged for penalty shots) haha c) walk down to THC, perhaps it may be more beneficial to the wallet and I won't get called arrogant ;) d) I don't know...insert thoughts here.....


August said...

angry little polish chick....i just now read this.

Do you really think 5 shots at a time at $4 each is going to be cheap after you do 4 rounds of them in 30 mins??


Tophiferous said...

haha I was a little mad I got over it - I still go to the bar don't I?
Don't take it personally dear :) I heart you ;)