Friday, March 6, 2009

I need a drink!

Haha it's 11 am on a Friday - i'm at work, things are RIDICULOUS, and I need to regain my sanity. URGHHH@@@@@@
I need:
a)a drink (or more) - I swear I will leave more than a social drinker from this place
b)to find a happy medium
c)not deal with any more stupidity than I have to
d) a vacation to get away from it all
e) perhaps a new job haha

the list can go on, but you catch my drift.

What god of work did I piss off recently - OH perhaps the Mexican God of Crappy work situations?? lol

HELP ME !!!!!!!! hahaha


Susanne said...

Hang in there Kasia! The weekend is here! Vacations are really cheap these days... Maybe you need a weekend in Vegas or Florida ;)

Anonymous said...

:( Yes you need a drink, Ill join you! It's not you, people, patient's, doctors have bit my head off all week! Something in the air? lol Well it's TGIF! Maybe go for a drink soon :) Enjoy the weekend, be lazy and happy!