Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm not losing a girlfriend, i'm gaining a husband :-P

Well hello my dearest readers! So the day has come and gone and I am proud to announce that my wifey (only recognized in a few states - blasted!) has officially tied the knot with Michael! It is with mixed emotions I write this I love those two wacky warblers (see Mike - I used a bird term). I am super excited that we've all finally gotten to that altar, but i'm sad that Joyce is no longer a fair maiden :( She's a MRS. now :( Sigh..... Happy thoughts....happy thoughts :)

The bride was stunning :), the groom....well.....he was umm.....hmmmm whats the word to use...... ahh yes handsome and glowing with excitement as he patiently watched as his fiance walked down that aisle to finally become his wife :) (see thought I was gonna say somethin dumb huh?) The ceremony itself was beautiful (I cried - damn all of you who had bets haha) And the goes without saying was off the hook!

I know i've said it countless times, but I love you guys! And Congratulations once again as you begin your married life together - Mr. & Mrs. Pupptran

Stay tuned for a recap as my next post will be another picture story haha.....

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