Thursday, October 18, 2007

The weekend theme - We've got DD's

No it doesn't stand for designated drivers - please thats what hotels are for :) It's the theme of the bachelorette party! It stands for dongs (politically speaking) and drinks. 2 things we'll have in/on/around us on Saturday Woo Woo! I can't believe it's J-oyce's last weekend as a free/single woman. (Not that she's really single - since she's had Mike for 3 years, or free really cuz no one is really free - that just sounds cheap .... anyway I digress) :( I'm gonna be sad now
It'll be our last time to show Joyce what kind of men she'll be missing once she ties the knot, gets hitched, the old ball and chain....
Top secret plans for a great night ..... oh I can't wait!!!!
This shall be fun for all :)
Let's toast to happiness, and good times with great people!
See you all on Saturday!!!!

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Anonymous said...

As the dr I work with when I say im the "DD" he replies to me "dumb drunk" :) Sounds like you've been working hard Kasia! I'm sure the night will be awesome, and Joyce will have a blast! See you tomorrow!